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New Lotto site buy your ticket and participate in our lottery
join to win, with all members of our win system.
the more tickets the system buys, the higher the prize.
Easy game to attract more advertisers and get more profit ...
Crack The Vault (Game)
This is a game where the member has to guess the number to unlock the vault, part of MONEY INCREASES THE PRIZE., If it fails, he has not earned his number.
Head or tail game
Classic game where the member has to choose between head or tail, you can play from little money. The odds are 300% winnings.
Reference levels
It allows its members to earn by update recommendation or recommendation commissions of up to 7 levels ...
Traffic Exchange Te Abbasc
Add traffic exchange to your site, you can choose between manual or autosurf, set prices.
and much more room to win.
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My name is Jose
I am the new administrator of this site.

I significantly reduced upgrade costs,
so that each member benefits from the advantages of our website.
I added a bonus of $ 0.03 for each new member.
We have the limit of references is 20, 50
You may have limited references on our site.

We pay in PayPal and Payeer,
Banking of more than $ 100 USD as long as this agreement in the European Union in the Bank can receive and send such amounts.
Thank you for choosing our site.
All payments to the person who only cites it are paid by:

Payeer And Paypal.
The other systems, that appear. If you request it, they are canceled before you put on your payment site by payeer and paypal.
you can upload by:
Bitcoin, payeer, paypal.
We do not have contracted other systems.

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