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the lottery contest

Started by admin 2020-07-30 at 16:31
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the lottery contest
I apologize to all of you who have bought on my site
We are talking to the publisher of this plugin that we are selling the lotto here. I am waiting for answers from the seller, who in turn, from the publisher, because they have errors, many because it does not come with the numbers, which they play, nor the numbers that are in the lotto. data is missing to sell the numbers. but the lotto game is blind a blank paper. Please wait this will be discussed later and we can resolve this issue with the editor of the lotto program.
Greetings . and I repeat to apologize to those who buy. but we have already said here and by email in private. It works, and we see that it is missing some data.
You can buy .under your user system if there are prizes and it goes up according to the tickets sold. good luck to everyone.
a comment from the editor and me.
Yes, but as I said, the buyers want to see how many number of tickets are there: 0022.308.89044.7303.01, you understand how many numbers play the lottery. because you don't see when you buy a ticket or how the number is won. you understand me .
I have more than 23 users who say, where is the number they buy, the number is not seen == 404095 .046782.00004 ==
they buy blindly. they do not like it. told me about a scammer. .what do you say..
they want their money ..
What do I do then? We are still scamming users who buy a ticket. or what is the lottery. where is what you buy a blank paper. You tell me ... I have 20 users waiting by email. reply.
the lottery contest.
My name is Jose
I am the new administrator of this site.

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We have the limit of references is 20, 50
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